Cale Plut

3158 Terra Crt

Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 3H3



PhD Student in Interactive Arts and Technology                               Current(2020 projected)

Simon Fraser University

Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Pasquier

Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Arts                                                                          2017

Simon Fraser University

Thesis: The Audience of the Singular

Supervisor: Dr. Arne Eigenfeldt

Bachelor of Fine Arts (With Distinction) in Music                                                              2015

Simon Fraser University

Relevant Leadership and Teaching Experience

Musical Director: Broadway Edge Studio                                                              2017-current

Musically direct and teach at Broadway Edge Studio, a Performing Arts studio and academy for high school students who are intending on pursuing theatre in university.

Rehearsal Accompanist: Theatre Under the Stars                                                      2016-2018

Assisted the Musical Director in teaching and rehearsing music for the non-profit theatre organization TUTS. TUTS provides valuable work experience and an atmosphere of mentorship for developing amateur performers, primarily those who are in university theatre programs or who have recently completed university theatre programs.

Musical Director, “Just Watch Me: A Trudeau Musical”                                                   2016

Arranged and Composed music for a show as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. Taught music to a group of around 10 individuals, aged 15-25. Directed and performed with the pit band, a 4-piece ensemble.

Sound Designer and Music Composer, Simon Fraser University Mainstage production 2015

Designed the audio and wrote the music for SFU’s Theatre Mainstage production of “The Unnatural and Accidental Women”. Led and instructed a small team of undergraduate sound students. Collaborated with the production staff and participated closely in the rehearsal process.

Musical Director, Penn State Thespians                                                                       2007-2010

Musically directed several musical theatre productions with the Penn State Thespians, a student-run theatre organization at the Pennsylvania State University. Organized and led an orchestra between 5-20 musicians per show in performances and rehearsals. Also coordinated between the cast, other production staff, and orchestra.

Relevant Research Experience

The Audience of the Singular, Simon Fraser University                                          2016-2017

Key concepts: Generative Music, Games, Interaction, Performance, Metacreation, Procedural Content Generation, Unity3d

Description: The Audience of the Singular explored games with generative content through the critical lens of performance theory. AOTS casts the audience as a co-performer in a musical performance. AOTS also explores generative music techniques using Variable-order Markovs with machine-learning.

Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University                                                           2015-2017

Key concepts: Sound, Music, Notation, Soundscape, Field Recording

Description: Explored techniques of expressing soundscapes, obtained via field recordings, in choral performance, using traditional musical notation.

Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University                                                           2016-2017

Key concepts: Generative animation, Unity3d, Metacreation, Processing, Holography

Description: Assisted in migrating a program from the Processing environment to Unity3d. Took generated animation data and expressed the data in a 3-d world within Unity3d, to be used with a holographic display.


Game Engines: Unity3d, Unreal

Audio Middleware: FMOD Studio, Wwise

Programming Languages: C#, C++, Java(Processing), Max/MSP, Pure Data

Programming concepts: Computational Creativity, Machine Learning

DAWs: Logic, Ableton Live, Reaper, Audacity, Pro Tools

3d Modeling: 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender

Image Editing: GIMP

Other: Studio and field audio recording, Music Composition and Theory, Game Development