Portfolio — Games

Galactic Escape (2017)

Galactic Escape is a game that I created for use in an empirical study on the effects that adaptive music have on the player’s affective response. The game explores the creation of tension via timers and adaptive music. The mechanics are based on a hack of John Harper’s Blades in the Dark, with nonbinary failure providing much of the core loop of the game. Galactic Escape provided data that showed that as music adapts to intended game affect, the player will feel the emotions more strongly. This is an important empirical result as it can lead to the direction of the use of music in videogames. Galactic Escape was built in Unity3D, with adaptive music written specifically for the game and mapped using FMOD Studio.

A Bad MMO (that you play by yourself) (2018 – in progress)

A Bad MMO (that you play by yourself) is an in-progress satirical reductive examination of standard gameplay ideas in Massively Multiplayer Online games. The game has the player control all three roles in the traditional MMO “Trinity” of Tank-Damage-Heal. Each position has a unique combination of abilities, unique resource management problems, and unique roles. By breaking down and reducing the traditional mechanics in MMO game, A Bad MMO explores the rudimentary components of game design.

Rogue Dice (2016)

Rogue Dice was built in Processing, as an experiment in using Processing to build games. Rogue Dice explores the use of a flexible dice pool driving player investment. The player chooses to invest dice in different attributes, which are then rolled and placed in opposition to the NPC opponent’s dice rolls. The opponent is driven by a traditional state-machine AI. Rogue Dice differs from more traditional models of conflict. The player, rather than picking from a set of moves, or having static attributes, instead creates their own “moves” by investing dice around. This allows the player to completely customize and control the direction of their avatar.

DJ Tower (2015) Photo by Lukas Engelhardt

Our first game, released in Spring of 2016, was “DJ Tower”, a generative music Tower Defense Game, which was installed in the Audain Art Gallery at Simon Fraser University, as part of the 1st year MFA showcase “No Lost Blips”. “DJ Tower” explored games in site-specific settings through the lens of arcades. “DJ Tower” also began an exploration of generative music and techniques as a way of providing an individualized performer/audience experience that games can uniquely provide on a large scale.