Staff Bio

Cale Plut


Cale Plut is a PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. He holds a BFA in Music, and an MFA in Contemporary Arts. His research focus is in the artistic implementation of generative systems in games. More specifically, his primary focus is in integrating generative music systems into video games, and in building games around those generative systems.

His musical work emphasizes a blend of contemporary art practice and commercial styling.  He brings a strong sense of groove and approachability to complex musical themes.

Cale started Optimal Goat Studios during his first year in his Masters Program, as a method of commercially releasing the games that he was working on to a larger audience, adapting the custom installation games into mobile and computer based control schemes.

Cale has previously worked onboard Luxury Cruise Ships as a Pianist and Keyboardist, as well as a Composer and Musical Director across the United States.

Monsieur LeQuack

QA/Senior Engineer/Developer

Monsieur LeQuack was born in Dongguan, China, and continues the long tradition of the rubber-duck people in programming. LeQuack, despite having no formal education, is an invaluable member of the team, responsible for many design breakthoughs. LeQuack has an almost superhuman ability to track down bugs.